Marisa Kaplan

Marisa Kaplan

Marisa Kaplan is a Research Project Manager at EdSurge. Email:

Brief Biography

Marisa Kaplan is a research project manager at EdSurge, where she manages research projects on innovation in education for grades preK-12. She spends a lot of time thinking about how school models and practices are changing, talking to educators and school leaders around the country to learn about their successes and challenges through periods of transition and considering how to help edtech entrepreneurs understand their needs to build tools and systems that better support these shifts.

Marisa has over a decade of experience teaching, developing curriculum and providing instructional coaching in schools serving students from birth through middle grades. She holds a B.A. in music composition and creative writing from New York University and an M.S. in learning disabilities from Hunter College.

Recent projects:

-Child Care in Crisis: How the Pandemic Is Changing the Lives of Early Childhood Education Professionals

-Education in the Face of Unprecedented Challenges

-A Look Into the Work Lives of Early Childhood Education Professionals

-Stories of Change: Educators Shift Practices to Reach All Learners

-Crowdfunding in K-12: Developing a Vision That Informs Policy

-Up Close and Personal: Chronicling Learning Practices Across the Nation

-What Does it Take to Make Interoperability Work in K-12 Education?

-Bridging the Chasm: Defining Success Beyond Traditional Academics

-The State of Education Technology and Learning

-The Complex World of School Redesign: The Building Blocks and the Builders

Articles Written by Marisa Kaplan

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