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EdSurge reports on the people, ideas and tools shaping the future of learning.


Education is changing, now more than ever. It is shaped by technological advancements, scientific research, demographic shifts, business interests and other socioeconomic forces that impact not just teaching and learning, but also the world that students will enter. And education will increasingly take place not just in schools, but in homes, at work and throughout life.

EdSurge is at the forefront of reporting on these changes and their consequences. We do this through award-winning journalism, research and analysis. We share stories that elevate the voices and experiences of educators, entrepreneurs, researchers and other stakeholders working to support equitable opportunities for all learners.

Through our work, EdSurge aims to bridge the information gaps that often exist between those who drive change in education, and those they serve.


Teachers, techies, storytellers. EdSurge was founded in 2011 to connect the emerging community of education technology entrepreneurs and educators. Starting from a single newsletter, EdSurge grew into a newsroom, with a research division, a podcast, a jobs board and an index of education technology tools.

The founding team was led by Betsy Corcoran, a long-time journalist who served as EdSurge’s chief executive. The EdSurge founding team played key roles in catalyzing its growth as well as the edtech community. The team included Kris Hattori, Tony Wan, Betsy Corcoran, Nick Punt, Jennie Dougherty, Leonard Medlock and Agustin Vilaseca.

Since its founding, EdSurge has expanded its focus to report on the people, ideas and tools that shape the future of learning. In 2019, EdSurge was acquired by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), a nonprofit membership organization for educators. EdSurge operates as an independent news and research initiative of ISTE.

What We Do

  • News, commentary and analysis about the people, ideas and tools shaping the future of education from PreK-12 through higher education.
  • Newsletters that tens of thousands of readers rely on for the latest stories in PK-12, higher education and business.
  • A weekly podcast featuring audio stories and candid conversations about how education is changing.
  • Research and journalism projects that investigate and make sense of complex education issues to help practitioners build community, experiment with new practices and make informed decisions to improve teaching and learning.
  • A product index of education technology tools.
  • A jobs board and events calendar for career opportunities and gatherings in education.
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